Prestige APS25C Car Alarm By Audiovox Overview

Prestige APS25C Car Alarm by Audiovox Overview

Performs lock and unlock tasks without physical contact with the vehicle. Power door locks can be controlled from several feet away or even within a building using a remote fob. The fob emits a radio frequency that is digitally encoded to prevent frequency stealing so no one can enter into your vehicle without your wireless transmitter.

Dual Zone Shock Sensor
Dual Zone Shock Sensor

This shock sensor utilizes warning chirps for minor disturbances and will trip the alarm if it detects more serious impacts or disruptions. Most dual zone shock sensors have adjustable sensitivity to reduce false alarms or warnings. These sensors let would-be thieves know that your vehicle is equipped with an advanced alarm system and to keep away.

Dedicated Trunk Release
Dedicated Trunk Release

This unit comes with trunk release capability and remote control integration for OEM alarm or add-on trunk release systems. Pop your trunk using your remote transmitter for convenience and ease of use. Carrying a handful of groceries? Arms tied up with luggage? Pop the trunk without using your key so it’s open and waiting for you when you arrive.

•Car alarm vehicle security system with shock sensor and starter disable
•2-button programmable code hopping RF Transmitters
•Two channel receiver(capable of accepting 4 transmitters)
•Code learning
•Remote panic in all modes
•Protected valet
•7 Funtion LED- Arm/Disarm/Zones 1,2,3/Valet/Arming
•Intrusion alert with memory
•Instant siren activation
•Starter disable
•Defective Zone By-Pass
•User programmable permanent chirp delete
•6 Tone multi-tone siren
•Additional negative trigger input
•RF Inhibit with ignition on
•Parking light flasher
•Plug in dual stage shock sensor
•Also found as:APS25CH, APS25N riasztó


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  1. I have this alarm installed on my 2011 ram 2500. It came with the truck. I want to go back to stock Fob but the new fobs are not unlocking /locking the doors… do you think this alarm system would be affecting those functions ? Thanks

  2. Hi, how are you. I recently bought a vehicle with alarm as you show in your video. I ask your help to set up a control option . when I press the button "lock" one time my car close the doors, windows and sunroof . I want to push that button one time only for ensure the doors but do not close the windows or the sunroof . and when press it twice to close the windows and sunroof . is that possible? my remote control are: FCC ID:ELVATJA.

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