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DSC PowerSeries Neo Alarm System Wiring Instructions - How you can be successful

Jason walks you through the DSC PowerSeries NEO alarm wiring. In this video he is working on the HS2032 alarm panel. He'll be wiring things into the main board such as a HS2LCDENG keypad, an HSM2108 zone expander module, hardwired smoke detectors, an LC-100 motion detector, and a few more just to give you an good idea of what's needed. He takes you from step one of how to mount the board in the cabinet all the way to wiring a detector on a zone of the alarm system.

This is by far one of the most commonly asked questions we get when people call in for technical support. Most people are unaware of where to land wires and this video will make it a little easier for anyone not familiar with the process. This is just another part of video series on how to install a security system.

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